Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Having an effective UI for PvP

In this post I aim to inform you of how to setup your UI for PvP so it will provide you with crucial information in a simple manner.
Let's start off with a picture of my UI. **Right Click -- View Image for full size**


OmniCC - Simply places a cooldown counter over your buttons for easy reference on CDs

Bartender 4 - Bar mod that is easily customizable. This addon removes the clunky bar UI and opens your screen up to see more of the action. Also included is easy features which allow you to keybind efficiently.

Gladius - PvP target frame that provides a wealth of information: provides easy trinket, buff and target monitoring systems. Here are some steps to improve your current Gladius setup.
1. Type /gladius ui to open the config screen.
2. Under "General" click show target icon (2nd option from bottom)
3. Go to trinket display on the left and select "Big Icon" (This makes it easy to see when you are going to get a full trap[cc that cannot be dispelled or trinketed]
4. Adjust frame to a size that fits your UI. The bigger you make it the more they become like focus frames to which you can use mouseovers over etc.

Losecontrol- Shows stuns, snares, and cc's on you and your target in the form of a box with said spell. I like to put it right under my character (Allows fast trinketting and RoS for deep freezes)

Xperl Unit Frames - Unit frames that allow your debuffs to be seen bigger (Easier for reapplying debuffs)

Power Auras - Efficient Notifiers for multiple events during an arena match. I will go through a few setups I use for this mod rather briefly that allow me to maximize my alertness.

To add an aura type /powa ... Click New ... Replace the ??? with spell name... Click Text Aura at top... Put notification you want in text box.

1. Cloak of Shadows - Type Cloak of Shadows in the ??? box and then in text aura whatever message you want to try to stop the vanish (FLARE NOW!!!)
2. Trinket Procs - Just put the buff name of your trinket proc here and know when you are doing increased dps
3. Starfall - Know when starfall is channeling
PROTIP: Using scatter shot on starfall totally stops it from channeling while the scatter effect is up. If trinketted have your pally follow up with a HoJ to completely counter starfall.

SpellAlerter - On the top of your screen shows spells being casted on you and your teammates by name.
PROTIP: When you see fear or a big chaos bolt being casted on you use "Feign Death" to stop the cast. Also it may be appropriate to avoid incoming CC using Deterrence Polymorph/Fear.

Aloft- Nameplates that offer class colors and health percentages. Can also be modified to show casts. HELPS YOU KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ACTION NOT HEALTH BARS.

Purgeatory- New mod I have been using. Not totally necessary, but will tell you in party chat which buff your tranquilizing shot removed. (Awesome for when you remove bop)

- Castbar of my preference. Shows my target cast and my casts.


  1. Ever have a UI so packed full of tools you couldn't actually see what you were doing?

    I have.

    Feels bad, man.

  2. thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for

  3. No problems :D Keep checking back a lot of new articles planned.

  4. I used to play hunter, got boring quick.

  5. Keep it up. Keep playing. Also supporting.

  6. Don't play WoW, but it looked like you got it under control. *thumbs

    also get rid of your silly captcha.

  7. well, hello. ps, you should remove captcha

  8. Cool stuff man. Following you now.

  9. nice blog, mines about my druid, check it out

  10. thanks man, really helpful. keep it coming!

  11. I don't play this game, but I know someone who might find this handy...

  12. Damn, wow has gotten alot more complicated since when i played

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  14. I use xperl already but they bug alot :(

  15. great guide.

    Showing my daily love.

  16. Having a large resolution also helps. Great tips.

  17. This is incredibly relevant to my interests. More like this, if you please :D

  18. I typically run grid and bartender for my shit, keeps everything tidy. What ratings are you at?

  19. I wish I had a better UI setup when I played. Thanks for the tips!

  20. nice man, whats your best personal rating so far?

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